This website is the final version of a long period of development stages:

  • Installation of website, recently moved to
    This site was created in the early 1990-ties as internal information exchange platform in the Institut für Neutronenphysik und Reaktortechnik at Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe, using basic html language techniques. The unconventional site name indicates, that at that time the use of site-names starting with "www." was not yet established.
  • Shortly before 2000 was extended with personal information of the webmaster C.H.M. Broeders.
  • Around 2000 systematic storage of scientific results on was started, leading to numerous citations of this site in scientific literature.
  • After 2000 several password protected areas for information exchange in international scientific projects were created.
  • After retirement of the webmaster from FZK, major parts were transferred to his private website and later to, supported by an external provider.
  • In a next step the private WEB-server, alias, hosted on a modern homecomputer with LINUX OS and with medium bandwith internet connection, was installed.
  • Summer 2015 most of the content of, was tranferred to, hosted by the local provider,

    All other internet adresses now redirect after a few seconds to the private website with high bandwidth internet connection. Compared to the original site some interesting extentions are:
  • Various areas with informations about local issues near Karlsruhe (e.g. trips in Rheinauen).
  • The private station CHMBLH for ship (AIS) and airplane (ADS-B) tracking around Linkenheim with own hardware, applying open source and own evaluation tools.

    The realisation of the websites is based on standard html language application, using various related resources from the internet. The copyright notes in applied internet resources are kept unchanged.

    The website gives access to a large number of private pictures in several site areas.
    Basically, copying of these pictures for private use is granted. For commercial use explicit agreement is required.
    In any case informing the webmaster of using proprietary pictures of this site is strongly appreciated.
    Original high resolution copies of the pictures can be provided on request.

    The links to external web resources on the websites were carefully checked for correctness at the time of inclusion. Principally the webmaster of the referenced websites are responsible for their actual content.

    Last update 1.12.2016 by C.H.M. Broeders.