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Documents related to coupled thermohydraulic and neutron physics codes

Last update 05.09.2013 by C.H.M. Broeders.

  • Ph. Oberle, C.H.M. Broeders, R. Dagan
    Comparison of PWR - Pin Cell Burnup Calculations with

    KTG2006 Aachen 2006
    pdf-file with paper

  • V. Sanchez, B. Becker, C.H.M. Broeders, P. Vinson
    A Procedure for Coupled Neutron Physics / Thermal Hydraulic
    Calculations of the Pinwise Power Distribution within a Fuel Assembly

    KTG2006 Aachen 2006
    pdf-file with paper

  • C.H.M. Broeders, V. Sanchez, E. Stein, A. Travleev
    Validation of coupled neutron physics and thermal-hydraulics analysis for HPLWR
    ICAPP'03, Cordoba, Spain, May 4-7,2003
    pdf-file of paper and pdf-file of slides

  • V.H. Sanchez Espinoza, M. Boettcher
    Analysis of the VVER-1000 Coolant Transient Benchmark Phase 1 with RELAP5/PARCS
    NURETH-11, Avignon, France, Oct. 2-6,2005
    pdf-file of paper