This website is the result of a long period of development stages:

The realisation of the websites is based on standard html language application, using various related resources from the internet. The copyright notes in applied internet resources are kept unchanged.

The websites give access to a large number of private pictures in several site areas.
Basically, copying of these pictures for private use is granted. For commercial use explicit agreement is required.
In any case informing the webmaster of using proprietary pictures of these sites is strongly appreciated.
Original high resolution copies of the pictures can be provided on request.

The links to external web resources on the websites were carefully checked for correctness at the time of inclusion. Principally the webmaster of the referenced websites are responsible for their actual content.

Impact of the 2018 European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Concerning GDPR it is important to remember that in the meantime this WEB-Site is a private project without any commercial objectives or connections. The current status is:
  • This WEB-Site does not apply own cookies at all.
  • Information about visitors is stored on 2 levels:
    • standard logging features of the applied LINUX Operating System
    • additional storage of the browser visitor information.
    For the stored browser data local evaluation tools are available.
  • In addition, for the WEB regulations at KIT apply.

Last update 06.01.2019 by C.H.M. Broeders.